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Small PP Deep Dives, Big Laughs, and Hollywood – HWSR Ep 12

In this episode of the He’s Wrong, She’s Right podcast, hosts Andrew and Nona embark on a humorous and candid journey through various topics. They start by discussing the decision to drop episode numbers for flexibility in recording. The duo humorously introduces themselves with playful nicknames and transitions into discussing their podcast analytics, which leads to a conversation about the concerning messages and channel themes in their YouTube analytics. Despite this, Andrew and Nona enthusiastically promote their podcast, hoping to trend by urging their iTunes listeners to leave ratings. The couple experiments with new podcast settings and contemplates incorporating ads and other content into their episodes, aiming to streamline post-production processes. They briefly touch on alarming news about Cuba Gooding Jr. and speculate on his future with Disney. The conversation shifts to their analysis and predictions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and the potential impacts of reboots and spin-offs on fan bases. Andrew and Nona wrap up with an in-depth discussion on the efficacy of remakes and reboots in cinema, expressing their perspectives on nostalgia versus the need for original content. The episode concludes with them teasing their next discussion topic, providing a perfect blend of humor, insight, and ponderings on pop culture.

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00:00 Kicking Off with Quirky Introductions
01:07 Diving into YouTube Analytics and Channel Discussions
02:50 Exploring Podcast Enhancements and Listener Engagement
06:28 Navigating the Complex World of Hollywood and Pop Culture
13:34 Debating the Impact of Reboots, Remakes, and Fan Expectations
17:30 Unpacking the Dynamics of Movie Releases and Marketing Strategies
27:02 Reflecting on Personal Viewing Preferences and Subscription Models
29:23 Navigating the Perils of Digital Purchases and Parental Controls
30:45 The Power of Virtual Cards in Managing Subscriptions and Spending
31:47 The Battle Against Copyright Infringement: Nintendo’s Aggressive Stance
34:20 The Fine Line Between Creativity and Copyright: A Discussion on Originality
39:47 Exploring the Complexities of Social Media and Online Security
49:49 Diving Deep into ‘Apples Never Fall’: Theories and Interpretations
01:00:19 Wrapping Up: The Importance of Branding and a Fond Farewell

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Your favorite married hosts!
Andrew Lemacks


Andrew is a tech nerd who loves his wife, bacon, and dogs, in that order.

Nóna Lemacks


Nóna is the mother of 4 kids, and tolerates Andrew's Existence.