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America's Favorite Podcast

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Your favorite married hosts!
Nóna Lemacks


Nóna is the mother of 4 kids, and tolerates Andrew's Existence.

Andrew Lemacks


Andrew is a tech nerd who loves his wife, bacon, and dogs, in that order.

About the Show

Looking for a healthy dose of debate with a side of laughter, all served up with some marital bliss (and maybe a few arguments)? Buckle up for “He’s Wrong She’s Right” with Andrew and Nóna!

This podcast brings you the hottest topics, craziest arguments, and most importantly, opposing viewpoints from your favorite married co-hosts. Andrew isn’t afraid to unleash his unfiltered ADHD thoughts, while Nóna brings the facts and sass.

Listener Comments

"So Drew has entered his podcasting era #faceforradio"
Always Right Brigade
Matt L.
"How long has she been blind, and does she know that you’re re****ed? I would like those questions answered in an episode."
Always Right Brigade
Brad P.
"Love it you guys! Watching now"
Always Right Brigade
Kathryn K.