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Comedy, Culture, and the Curious Case of Taintisms – HWSR Ep 26

In episode 25 "Comedy, Culture, and the Curious Case of Taintisms" of the He’s Wrong. She’s Right podcast, hosts Andrew and Nona delve into a variety of topics ranging from personal anecdotes and jokes about Andrew being a ‘bear’ in the gay community, to discussing celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson. They explore the idea of segmenting their show into comedy, culture, and crime themes, while also touching on issues like the use of Ozempic for weight loss in Hollywood. Nona introduces her business, Nona Phelps Insurance, and they give a shoutout to Eli Cuevas from the Unsubscribed Podcast. The conversation takes several humorous detours, including discussions about mermaids, Starbucks logos, and the efficacy of Adderall on hunger. They also share feel-good news about a friend’s cancer recovery, propose funny segment ideas like ‘Andrew Taintisms’ and ‘The Bacon Break,’ and make plans for Mother’s Day. Finally, they touch on the use of steroids amongst influencers, specifically calling out the Liver King, and share a bizarre anecdote about a sex toy caught in a tornado. The episode is a mixed bag of comedy, random musings, and light-hearted banter that encapsulates the essence of Andrew and Nona’s podcast dynamic.

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00:00 A Hairy Introduction
00:19 Bear in the Gay Community
00:36 From Ted Lasso to Ryan Reynolds
01:03 Nona’s Insurance Plug and Mermaid Tales
02:12 Podcast Planning: Comedy, Culture, and Crime
03:10 Behind the Scenes
06:21 From Feel-Good Moments to Taintisms
12:43 Mental Health Awareness and Mother’s Day Plans
14:24 Ozempic Debate
18:12 The Impact of Weight Loss on Comedy
19:30 Adderall, Hunger, and Mindless Snacking
20:16 A Missed Opportunity for Intimacy
21:20 Engaging with the Audience:
21:56 Social Media Remixes and Military Memes
23:19 Exploring the Origins of ‘Blue Falcon’
24:34 Personal Anecdotes and Misunderstandings
28:07 The Evolution of Internet and Streaming Technology
30:23 Measuring Up: Men vs. Women
32:35 Supporting Friends and Their Ventures
36:25 The Liver King Scandal
39:51 Tornado Aftermath: A Light-Hearted Look
41:56 Closing Thoughts and Mother’s Day Reminder

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Your favorite married hosts!
Andrew Lemacks


Andrew is a tech nerd who loves his wife, bacon, and dogs, in that order.

Nóna Lemacks


Nóna is the mother of 4 kids, and tolerates Andrew's Existence.