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Code in the Streets, Kanye’s Kornhole in the Sheets – HWSR Ep 23

In Code in the Streets, Kanye’s Kornhole in the Sheets – HWSR Ep 23 of the He’s Wrong, She’s Right podcast, hosts Andrew and Nona delve into a variety of topics with their characteristic humor and candidness. The episode kicks off with a lighthearted jest about their audience demographics and quickly transitions into a discussion about internet culture, specifically focusing on the speculation around Kanye West’s new venture and the pervasive nature of clickbait. Andrew and Nona effortlessly weave between humor and serious commentary, making for an engaging listen. Their back-and-forth banter showcases their dynamic as co-hosts and sets the tone for the episode’s exploratory dialogue on modern digital phenomena.

As the episode progresses, Andrew and Nona touch upon the ethics and implications of AI in relationships, arguing over the concept of AI-generated girlfriends and whether engaging with them constitutes cheating. This segment underscores the podcast’s ability to tackle contemporary issues with a mix of skepticism and open-minded inquiry. They also critique the commodification of digital intimacy and the absurdity of paying for such services, advising their audience on smarter, self-hosted tech solutions for privacy and autonomy online.

Further into the episode, discussions pivot to broader societal topics, including the porn industry’s influence on technology and vice versa. The co-hosts share personal anecdotes, making for relatable content that resonates on a personal level with their audience. They debate on various aspects of sexual content on the internet, the security risks associated with phishing, and the importance of informed online navigation. The episode concludes with reflections on content regulation and digital freedom, amidst their usual banter and interruptions by their dog, humorously dubbed ‘Podcast Dog.’ The episode exemplifies the show’s unique blend of humor, insightful commentary, and the hosts’ unfiltered take on a wide range of topics.

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00:00 HWSR Kanye’s Kornhole Intro
02:36 Tech Talk: VPNs, AI, and Online Privacy
04:07 Exploring AI Relationships and the Definition of Cheating
05:27 DIY Tech: Taking Control of Your AI and Data
07:54 The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Adult Entertainment and Technology
13:00 Navigating the Complexities of Online Behavior and Censorship
15:56 Engaging with the Audience: Comments, Questions, and Patreon Support
18:23 Decoding Unusual Fetishes: Socks, Belly Buttons, and Beyond
19:39 The Curious Case of Boob Size Preferences
21:30 Gym Encounters and Awkward Reunions
23:03 Behind the Scenes: Podcast Production and Engagement Strategies
24:29 The Bizarre Music Laws of Chechnya
28:30 Rapid-Fire Episodes and Upcoming Content Teasers
30:23 A Surprise Birthday Party and the Ultimate Prank
33:06 Signing Off with a Casual Chat and Future Promises

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Andrew Lemacks


Andrew is a tech nerd who loves his wife, bacon, and dogs, in that order.

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Nóna is the mother of 4 kids, and tolerates Andrew's Existence.