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Pilot – He’s Wrong, She’s Right Podcast Ep 0

Pilot - He's Wrong

In this pilot episode of ‘He’s Wrong, She’s Right,’ hosts Andrew and Nona delve into a candid introduction of their new podcast, sharing their mix of excitement and nerves about starting their own show. They discuss their backgrounds, including where they’re from and their lack of experience in podcasting. Touching on a variety of topics, they explore their differing tastes in TV shows, sponsorships, and the technical challenges they face with their amateur podcasting setup. The episode also delves into deeper discussions about their personal life, such as navigating their daughter Chloe’s dating life and the challenges that come with it, emphasizing the importance of open communication. Moreover, they touch on various aspects of social media, online privacy, and the importance of engaging with their audience across different platforms. Through their banter and stories, the episode aims to set a casual and relatable tone for their podcast series, inviting listeners into their personal and often humorous perspectives on life.

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00:00 Welcome to the Pilot Episode: The Making of a Podcast
00:18 Meet Andrew and Nona: The Hosts Behind the Mic
00:37 The Humble Beginnings: Equipment and Expectations
01:33 Introducing Ourselves: A Dive into Personal Backgrounds
03:54 TV Shows We Love and Hate: A Couple’s Debate
10:14 Exploring Serial Killers and TV Shows: A Deep Dive
21:38 The Great Texas vs. Florida Debate: Where to Live?
30:45 Navigating the Grocery Store: A Couple’s Adventure
35:56 Tech Talk: Behind the Scenes of Our Podcast Setup
39:12 Exploring Warrior Rising: A Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Journey
41:46 The Intricacies of Sponsorship and Analytics in Marketing
43:35 Navigating Web Development and AI Tools
45:57 Parenting and Dating: Navigating Early Relationships
47:40 Discussing Age-Appropriate Dating and Parental Control
49:51 Setting Boundaries: The Other Mom’s Rules for Dating
01:04:47 The Charleston House and Social Media Insights
01:12:43 The Power of Engagement and Privacy in the Digital Age